Matica EDIsecure® XID8300/8600 Printer Color Ribbon Y,M,C,K

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Brand: Matica
Model: XID8300/8600

Part Number: DIC10216

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Long-term cost savings are achieved by using Matica EDIsecure® Color Ribbon YMCK(DIC10216) for XID8300 & XID8600 Retransfer Printer.

-Protecting your investment and ensuring that you are adhering to the terms of the Matica warranty.
-With a longer Matica print head lifespan and improved printing throughput.

The ribbon provides a 4-panel capability:

Y – Yellow color panel
M – Magenta color panel
C – Cyan color panel
K – black resin panel

To ensure optimal performance of your card printer without risk of damage, Matica printers need specifically developed Matica consumables. Use only approved Matica EDIsecure® ribbons to improve the quality of printed cards and printer longevity. After changing the ribbon on your printer, Matica advises cleaning it.

Technical Specifications

Model XID8300/8600
Color YMCK
Print 1,000 Images Per Roll
Manufacture Japan
Origin Germany

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