Matica EDIsecure® XID8100 Printer SRT Retransfer Film

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Brand: Matica
Model: XID8100

Part Number: DIC10539

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A clear retransfer film called the Matica DIC10539 is designed to be used with the Matica XID 8100. This transparent retransfer film is essential for producing cards because the XID 8100 is a retransfer ID card printer. The card’s design is first printed on a clear film, and then it is transferred to the card’s surface. Since this is a retransfer film, you’ll also need a colored ribbon to operate with it. For this, the Matica DIC10509, the YMCK equivalent, comes in useful.

The Matica XID8100 is a reverse transfer printer, which means the image is first imprinted on a clear film and then adhered to the card’s surface. So when printing with the XID8100, retransfer film is a crucial part of your consumables kit.

Technical Specifications

Model XID8100
Print 1,000 Images Per Roll
Ribbons Clear Transfer Film
Manufacture Japan
Origin Germany

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